Friday, April 30, 2010

Will and Clout

"Ideas matter in New York. I am certain that more conversations in New York are about ideas than anywhere else. Not just vague theories, but ideas that New Yorkers have the will, and the clout, to do something about." Sir David Frost

We found this quote while developing marketing materials for an upcoming event (we're going to be talking to New York State CIOs/officials in Saratoga, NY, May 13). But certainly the concept applies well beyond New York: ideas matter, but you need the will and the clout to turn ideas into action.

Right now it's time for people to find the will and use their clout to cut costs and reduce waste no matter where they are. Certainly New York does not have a monopoly on turning good ideas into beneficial actions.

So if you've got the will and the clout to do something about reducing costs, talk to us about AXIAR Green, Paper Saving Software. Tell someone in government or at your business about the potential to save money with Paper Saving Software. Find the will, use your clout and find a way to make a difference. We have proven products, not vague theories, that are already helping commercial and government organizations throughout the world cut costs and reduce waste.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Make it Earth Year with Paper Saving Software

A one-day event like Earth Day is a great way to highlight an important subject, but I think most success in life comes from managing processes, not from a single event. Merely making an effort one day a year isn’t going to meaningfully impact too much (it’s a good start!), but changing behavior every day is going to make real differences. And changing behavior takes commitment and time. And it can be hard work.

However, with an application such as AXIAR Green, Paper Saving Software, the payoff over a year is quite significant in terms of cost savings and resource-use reduction (we see 30%+ savings in most of our successes). Much more than simply asking people to “think before you print”, AXIAR Green evidences waste and delivers a powerful set of tools to manage print processes without having to retrain users.

So how do we get the Paper Saving process started? Plan your work and work your plan:

-Pick a local group/department who is interested in reducing waste (act locally)
-Identify printing processes, devices and users with our assistance
-Track and quantify current printing volumes using AXIAR Green’s metrics collection tools
-Determine which processes can be modified with Paper Saving Software without negatively impacting your core business processes
-Implement Paper Saving Software features incrementally with user feedback encouraged
-Use AXIAR Green reporting tools monthly to graphically illustrate both cost and paper saving
-Expand Paper Saving Software use to new processes (think globally)
-Reduce paper use, device count and lost productivity/employee time tracking print jobs with AXIAR Green

AXIAR Green, Paper Saving Software, positively impacts printing processes every day, all year long. It not only raises awareness of printing waste by tracking use, but also delivers tools to reduce use. It is part of a process through which your organization can save money and demonstrate to stakeholders that you are committed to sustainable business practices.