Thursday, June 9, 2011

Self-Healing Print Networks

When print jobs fail, users typically resend the jobs multiple times and contact IT/help desk personnel for immediate assistance. This not only wastes paper and toner, but also distracts IT personnel from other tasks.

AXIAR software can be configured to form a ‘self-healing’ printer environment that:

1) ensures automatic delivery of print jobs even if the first choice of printer is unavailable

2) automatically alerts IT personnel about the error status. This eliminates the risk of redundant print requests that waste paper/toner and reduces time spent by IT personnel addressing print-related problems.

In addition to AXIAR’s paper saving software capabilities, AXIAR software has print queue management capabilities that ensure delivery of output by managing the flow of print requests. Print requests are analyzed and processed by AXIAR and routed based on delivery rules set up by IT personnel. AXIAR also monitors the status and availability of printers, allowing AXIAR to automatically deliver print jobs to the next available, most convenient and least used printer (if the initially intended printer is unavailable). The print job is delivered successfully regardless of the status of the initially intended printer and the users do not experience a delay accessing their jobs. The user who sent the job receives an email or online message communicating the delivery of the print job.

AXIAR also includes remote diagnostic tools for IT personnel to manage print queues and printer health from a help-desk environment. AXIAR monitors printer status and communicates error states for IT personnel to remotely address. Printers can be enabled/disabled remotely across operating systems and networks, allowing IT personnel to maximize printer uptime and ensure the proper amount of printer resources are available based on user demand. Print jobs can be re-queued, tracked and re-routed dynamically from a centralized location, even across disparate operating systems (unlike many other print queue management software products, AXIAR runs natively on UNIX, Linux, Windows and AS/400 operating systems).

Using AXIAR’s ensured print job delivery, print queue management and printstream management tools allows IT and service personnel to troubleshoot and repair devices without the stress of users waiting for their print jobs. AXIAR’s self-healing printer network software ensures print job delivery.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

School District Paper Stats

Interesting story about a High School in Washington state going 'paperless' for a week; although they reduced paper use by 60%, they still consumed 20,000 sheets of paper. Look at the numbers below and then think about how many school districts there are in the US alone.

AXIAR Green, Paper Saving Software, reduces costs without sacrificing services.

"By the numbers
--> 22.8 million - Sheets of white, 8.5×11 photocopy paper used by the Issaquah School District in the 2009-10 school year
--> 2.25 million - Sheets of paper used per month in the Issaquah School District
--> 833 - Height, in feet, of 2.25 million sheets of paper
--> 270 - Number of trees needed to make 2.25 million sheets of paper, assuming no recycled material.
--> $134,475 - Spent on paper in the 2009-10 school year (including sales tax)
--> $13,027.50 - Spent on paper per month in the Issaquah School District
--> $1,120 - Spent on paper at Skyline per month
--> 175,000-225,000 - Sheets of paper used at Skyline per month
--> 50,000 - Sheets of paper, on average, used at Skyline in a week
--> 16.5 - Height, in feet, of 50,000 sheets of paper.
--> 20,000 - Estimated number of sheets of paper used during paperless week.
Sources: Issaquah School District, Conservatree"