Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Reflections on a Move

LBM Systems is moving our office to 2 Stony Hill Road, Suite 206, Bethel CT 06801. Our phone numbers (203.966.0661, 800.898.6434 remain the same).

Although we have a new address, here are several things that remain the same:

People that talk to you – call or email us, if we don’t pick up right away we respond rapidly.

Customer service focus – direct contact with our customers demands that we treat you right after we pick up the phone.

Relationship-building emphasis – out of our thousands of implementations worldwide, a significant percentage have used our products for over 10 years. If we weren’t responsive, reliable and courteous, you wouldn’t stick around.

Quality products – AXIAR 7.0 is soon to be released with more document management and paper saving innovations included. We wouldn’t last long in the software industry if our products didn’t work as advertised no matter how well we treat you.

Customer-driven improvements – mail-sorting (OMR) capabilities, 2-D barcodes, OCR form recognition are just a few of the recently added capabilities driven by customer requests. Because we talk to you and develop our own software, you have the ability to impact our product for your benefit. You have access to our development team any time you need it.

Expertise in output management processes – we have supplied laser printing and output management software for over 29 years; we know our business. We talk with customers throughout the world, from United States Federal, state and local government agencies (the Social Security Administration, the US Marine Corps, California’s Orange County Department of Education, City of Juneau) to huge private corporations (Nationwide Insurance, JP Morgan Chase, Lockheed-Martin, John Deere) to thousands of small and medium enterprise customers. We succeed at all these places because we save them money and help them improve their business-critical document processes, regardless of the scope and scale of the implementation.

Paper saving innovations – we have saved millions of pages of paper for our thousands of customers worldwide, reducing resource use and saving money with every job our software processes. Every single one of our customers has the means to reduce printing costs by more accurately creating, tracking and distributing document output. We can help you identify costly/inefficient print processes and suggest ways to implement our software to streamline the process. We have metrics-collection capabilities that allow you to track user statistics and print performance; this data can be used to show the savings our software delivers. All you have to do is call or email us and we will assess your current output processes and even estimate how much we can save with our software.

Or, the next time you are in Connecticut, stop in and we can talk in person.

Andy Wellman
COO, LBM Systems