Monday, August 30, 2010

Problem Printing

A study put out by Loudhouse on behalf of Kyocera (details here) shows us how Paper Saving Software can benefit any organization. Highlights from the study and how Paper Saving Software addresses the issues are:

“Of the 10,000 or so pages printed per employee per year, as many as 6,800 of those sheets are thrown away or recycled.”
I do not know of any organizations that would tolerate up to 68% of their resources being wasted. Paper Saving Software has many different features to reduce printing waste.

“70 percent of IT managers surveyed said that their companies could do a better job encouraging workers to print smarter, largely through employee education about the cost benefits of more efficient printing”
AXIAR Green includes print metrics collection and reporting tools. The first step in many of our implementations is to measure printing behavior and then analyze the information we have captured (sample Report screen shots here).

“The average IT department spends one-third of its time on dealing with office printing, and nearly one-quarter of respondents say they spend 50 to 100 percent of their time on printing”
AXIAR Green is a complete print queue management and printing decision-making tool. IT staff can manage printers and print queues remotely with our software and automatically redirect print jobs to most-available, least cost printer. Users get an email or message telling them where printing occurred. Print usage is tracked and metrics are collected to ensure proper use of print resources.

“About 40 percent said they are getting more executive support in putting green printing on the IT agenda, incorporating environmental policies into the network, and encouraging workers to print less”
Paper Saving Software can automatically apply print-reduction processes and measure results. We have a calculator that shows savings in both dollar terms and environmental terms (click here to see sample environmental results).

We can help IT and management lower costs and increase efficiencies without requiring the purchase of new printers. We can implement basic paper saving and print management software features in a matter of minutes. Contact us to learn how to get started today.