Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Eating our own dog food: 87% savings with paper saving software

Here's one reason why we are celebrating a great year at LBM Systems: we reduced our postage costs 87% by using paper saving software to digitally send invoices, statements and similar business critical documents. We've implemented green/sustainable initiatives at our office that resulted in better efficiencies, lower costs and a reduction of our impact on resource consumption.

Another reason: great customers like John Deere, Wesco, The United States Social Security Administration, Pfizer, Bank of America and thousands of large and small organizations using our software to reduce the amount of paper they use and save money with AXIAR's paper saving capabilities.

Going green with paper saving software is easier than you think - and it can save you lots of money. All you need to do is give us a call (800) 898-6434 or visit www.PaperSavingSoftware.com to learn how we can help you. We'll give you paper saving ideas, help your office go green, share customer success stories and give you references.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Reducing office waste

I have a responsibility to my company to reduce any expenses that are wasteful. I have a responsibility to my community - and my kids - to reduce the waste I create with my everyday purchases. Neither responsiblity presumes that consuming goods is wrong - but wasteful consumption is worth addressing.

We address a chronic area of waste in business and government environments: office printing and copying. We don't believe "paperless" is the right term (since we're not anti-printing); we believe "paper saving" is a better description.

We have a simple premise: we develop software that automatically reduces the amount of paper your organization uses by applying customizable rules to print jobs. Our software is already used at thousands of customer sites worldwide, saving millions and millions of pieces of paper every year. By saving paper and toner, our software pays for itself. And you get the dollar savings and resource savings every time you use it.

I know since you made it this far you don't like waste, so I hope you'll agree that I didn't waste the most precious resource of all: your time. Thank you for checking us out, I would love to hear from you through this blog or give me a call - and visit www.PaperSavingSoftware.com to learn more about what we do.