Thursday, November 4, 2010

Addicted to Paper

Years ago, in our first Paper Saving Software video, we talked about breaking corporate America’s addiction to paper use. We’ve seen some great progress, but we can do better. AXIAR Green, Paper Saving Software, helps organizations recognize and address problem printing. Too many office environments allow unrestricted printer/copier implementations, and without strong IT/facilities personnel, the problem grows.

Paper Saving Software allows CFOs, CIOs and other personnel to quantify printer use and implement paper saving processes that improve business outcomes. Rather than just shaving costs by buying cheaper toner or rightsizing fleets (perfectly good ideas, by the way, but these are not solutions to paper addiction!), Paper Saving Software actually empowers decision makers to address problems with powerful reporting tools.

After the reporting process, Paper Saving Software delivers a variety of capabilities that limit paper and toner use and improve document delivery. You can see the dollar value each time our Paper Saving Software is used, helping all personnel appreciate the importance of healthy printing.

Being addicted to paper is not uncommon, but it takes the right personnel with real decision-making capabilities to tackle the issue. The question to you is: are you willing to accept the addiction, or are you ready to improve your organization? Contact us, we can help.