Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Government Paperwork Landscape

1. Governments are looking for ideas to save money.
2. Government must maintain adequate services to fulfill their duties while cutting costs.
3. Governments currently require a lot of paper to function: it costs money to print, distribute and store paper. It costs more money to buy or lease printers/copiers that are often underutilized.

1. AXIAR Green, Paper Saving Software, reduces the cost of paper-based processes without drastically changing how processes function.
2. AXIAR can be installed for free and paid for by the savings it creates.
3. AXIAR is in use at the US Social Security Administration, the US Marine Corps, New York and Texas state government offices, California’s Orange County Department of Education, the City of Juneau and many more Federal, state and local governments.
4. All you need to do is send your government representatives to or ask them to call 203.966.0661 to learen more. Now is a good time.
5. You need to ask your government: why aren’t you saving money with AXIAR Green, Paper Saving Software?

Monday, December 6, 2010

A Common Refrain

We talk to a lot of IT personnel here at LBM Systems, and a common refrain we hear is: “We think we probably have more printers/copiers than we need”. We see it all the time: if you think you have too many printers, you probably do. If you think you are spending too much on ink and toner, you probably are. If you think users are using printers and copiers for non-business purposes, they probably are. But “probably” is not a good baseline for decision making. Good organizations need data to make decisions.

Trust your instincts to get started on improving your business. AXIAR Green tracks printing behavior and device usage statistics to enable you to analyze printer use and user activity. This data can be analyzed with reporting tools (we use Crystal Reports in our system). You can then make changes to device accessibility and user options to save paper.

Many of our customers start the paper saving process by eliminating unnecessary printers and copiers after collecting metrics to determine if they are underutilized. It’s that simple: use AXIAR Green, paper saving software, to collect data, analyze the data, make a decision and save money. Contact us and let’s start talking.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

AXIAR Enhances Mail Performance

AXIAR, LBM Systems' paper saving and output management software, now processes and routes batch document outputs for mail-machine sorting and stuffing.

By using AXIAR's server-based capabilities to add Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) characters to batch outputs, customers do not need device-resident fonts or device-mounted computers to prep legacy documents for mail sorting. This delivers faster printing times and fewer 'handoffs' between the applications creating documents and the devices used for printing and mailing. AXIAR formats, routes and tracks print processes to ensure the fidelity and verify the completion of business-critical print runs.

Contact us for more information about how we can reduce printing/mailing costs, improve document-based business processes and reduce your paper-use footprint. Based on our successful implementations, we are confident our mail enhancement software will save you money and improve your business.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Addicted to Paper

Years ago, in our first Paper Saving Software video, we talked about breaking corporate America’s addiction to paper use. We’ve seen some great progress, but we can do better. AXIAR Green, Paper Saving Software, helps organizations recognize and address problem printing. Too many office environments allow unrestricted printer/copier implementations, and without strong IT/facilities personnel, the problem grows.

Paper Saving Software allows CFOs, CIOs and other personnel to quantify printer use and implement paper saving processes that improve business outcomes. Rather than just shaving costs by buying cheaper toner or rightsizing fleets (perfectly good ideas, by the way, but these are not solutions to paper addiction!), Paper Saving Software actually empowers decision makers to address problems with powerful reporting tools.

After the reporting process, Paper Saving Software delivers a variety of capabilities that limit paper and toner use and improve document delivery. You can see the dollar value each time our Paper Saving Software is used, helping all personnel appreciate the importance of healthy printing.

Being addicted to paper is not uncommon, but it takes the right personnel with real decision-making capabilities to tackle the issue. The question to you is: are you willing to accept the addiction, or are you ready to improve your organization? Contact us, we can help.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Smart Government at Work - Orange County, CA

Smart governments understand that AXIAR Green, Paper Saving Software, saves money and reduces resource use without sacrificing services. California's Orange County Department of Education is one such smart government.

Is your government smart enough to use AXIAR Green, Paper Saving Software? Send your representatives this story and give them a chance to be part of the smart government community.

OCDE highlights (full Press Release below):

- Automatically generating and routing digital documents (PDFs) with Paper Saving Software, which eliminates hundreds of thousands of pages of printed output and the costs associated with printing, distributing, storing and disposing of paper
- Eliminating dedicated and costly printer-resident forms hardware (DIMMs)with Paper Saving Software
- Managing a fleet of over 1,000 printers using AXIAR's intelligent print management capabilities, which enables IT personnel to troubleshoot print problems and dynamically deploy printer assets based on variable printing needs


For Immediate Release

CONTACT: Mr. Andrew Wellman (203) 966-0661

Smart Government at Work

NEW CANAAN, Connecticut (September 20, 2010) - In an initiative to reduce costs, reduce waste and improve efficiency, the Orange County Department of Education (OCDE) in California selected AXIAR software from LBM Systems to address outdated and inefficient printer- and paper-based business processes. Using AXIAR saves OCDE money by reducing toner, paper and printer costs and delivers green/sustainable benefits by reducing the amount of paper consumed.

OCDE's IT Mission Statement states: "Leverage technology to simplify, enhance, and provide innovative business and educational solutions. Our commitment is to provide creative and collaborative ideas by implementing and incorporating technology with our customers." The entire OCDE IT team is to be commended for effectively assessing their business practices and for their cost-saving efforts without sacrificing services. OCDE uses AXIAR to simplify, enhance and deliver innovative business solutions to save money and improve the 'business' of educating Orange County students. Several capabilities of AXIAR are used to benefit the OCDE and improve print processes:

Eliminating device-resident printing bottlenecks (DIMMs): prior to AXIAR, digital forms were stored on hardware-installed DIMMs on individual printers which led to costly replacements and time delays when DIMMs and/or printers broke. With AXIAR, forms are stored on network servers and any printer on the network can be used without special hardware requirements. This eliminates the cost of DIMMs and enables the OCDE to flexibly deploy printing assets based on printing needs. By eliminating the need for DIMMs on over 120 printers, OCDE avoids the need to purchase DIMMs.

Automatically converting documents to PDF: OCDE uses LBM software to automatically convert large print jobs to PDF for digital transmission and storage. Since the conversions occur on servers rather than desktops, the need to license and maintain individual PDF conversion tools is eliminated. The output created is fully keyword-searchable, so the time spent manually scanning documents for information is eliminated. By converting 900,000 pages of output per year to PDF rather than printing immediately (900,000 pages equals 1,800 reams of paper, or over 8,000 pounds of paper), OCDE is generating significant cost-savings by reducing toner and paper consumption - about $15,000 in paper/toner savings in report use alone. The green benefits of reduced paper/printer use include energy savings (fewer printers running), shipping reduction (fossil fuels used in delivery reduced), fewer packaging materials consumed (used to ship paper and toner supplies), heat/humidity controlled storage (paper must be kept in appropriate conditions to avoid spoilage) and recycling/disposal costs (fossil fuels used to cart recycled/disposed paper).

Digitally distributing documents: After converting batch documents to PDF, the output can be routed digitally with AXIAR. This eliminates the cost of collecting, mailing and/or internally delivering paper output, which saves money while accelerating the flow of information. By routing the 900,000 PDF pages of output digitally rather than distributing paper-based documents, OCDE is saving transportation, mailing and distribution costs every year. This adds up to annual savings in consumable costs alone, plus the additional benefits of faster information delivery, fewer print jobs misplaced/lost and no need to recycle, shred or throw out boxes of used paper.

Ensuring print job delivery: Finally, for jobs that do require printing, AXIAR's advanced print queue management features enable ensured delivery of print jobs. This eliminates "lost" print jobs and redundant printing, saving OCDE personnel time (IT staff no longer has to troubleshoot lost print jobs) and money (redundant printing that occurs upon print errors is reduced/eliminated). Across the OCDE's network of over 1,000 printers, eliminating lost/redundant printing saves thousands of pieces of paper from going to waste, reduces wasted toner use and frees up valuable IT personnel from costly print-job troubleshooting.

Taxpayers, students and OCDE employees all benefit from their efforts to minimize spending while providing top quality education - just another example of smart government at work.

# # #

Monday, August 30, 2010

Problem Printing

A study put out by Loudhouse on behalf of Kyocera (details here) shows us how Paper Saving Software can benefit any organization. Highlights from the study and how Paper Saving Software addresses the issues are:

“Of the 10,000 or so pages printed per employee per year, as many as 6,800 of those sheets are thrown away or recycled.”
I do not know of any organizations that would tolerate up to 68% of their resources being wasted. Paper Saving Software has many different features to reduce printing waste.

“70 percent of IT managers surveyed said that their companies could do a better job encouraging workers to print smarter, largely through employee education about the cost benefits of more efficient printing”
AXIAR Green includes print metrics collection and reporting tools. The first step in many of our implementations is to measure printing behavior and then analyze the information we have captured (sample Report screen shots here).

“The average IT department spends one-third of its time on dealing with office printing, and nearly one-quarter of respondents say they spend 50 to 100 percent of their time on printing”
AXIAR Green is a complete print queue management and printing decision-making tool. IT staff can manage printers and print queues remotely with our software and automatically redirect print jobs to most-available, least cost printer. Users get an email or message telling them where printing occurred. Print usage is tracked and metrics are collected to ensure proper use of print resources.

“About 40 percent said they are getting more executive support in putting green printing on the IT agenda, incorporating environmental policies into the network, and encouraging workers to print less”
Paper Saving Software can automatically apply print-reduction processes and measure results. We have a calculator that shows savings in both dollar terms and environmental terms (click here to see sample environmental results).

We can help IT and management lower costs and increase efficiencies without requiring the purchase of new printers. We can implement basic paper saving and print management software features in a matter of minutes. Contact us to learn how to get started today.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Free Office Paper Use Assessment

If you are interested in reducing the cost of government without sacrificing services, please send this information to your elected representatives.


New Canaan, Connecticut, July 29, 2010 - In their ongoing effort to help reduce waste and lower government spending without sacrificing services, LBM Systems is now offering a free Office Paper Use Assessment to qualified government organizations.

LBM Systems will work with Government purchasing and IT resources to:

1. Identify office paper use rates, associated costs, and paper overuse/abuse;

2. Track and measure office printing volumes; and

3. Identify areas of printing waste and/or printing/device overcapacity.

Based on the results of the Assessment, LBM then recommends both paper saving software steps and device optimization steps to reduce paper use, which delivers cost savings, green/sustainable office benefits and productivity improvements.

In a recently completed Assessment within a New York State government department in Albany, LBM's analysis identified 1) a significant overcapacity in printers, 2) no universally applied paper savings tactics, such as forced duplex printing or draft printing, or 3) any ability to prove compliance to any cost-cutting mandates being applied at the state level.

Unlike printer assessments that focus primarily on device/fleet optimization, an Office Paper Use Assessment targets printing processes and seeks to drive total paper use down by identifying and employing Paper Saving Software features to reduce print output. This delivers significant benefits in three areas:

1. Cost saving benefits (lower printer/copier costs, lower toner costs, lower paper costs, lower postage costs, lower electricity costs, lower waste removal/recycling costs);

2. Green/sustainable benefits (less paper consumed, less paper waste created, fewer print devices consuming electricity); and

3. Productivity benefits (lower IT expenses related to printer support, fewer helpdesk calls, fewer toner/printer maintenance calls, less time spent tracking lost print jobs, less time spent distributing printed output, etc.).

LBM's AXIAR Green, Paper Saving Software, is a product that reduces government paperwork and paper consumption without sacrificing services. LBM has been perfecting paper saving software and deploying paper savings strategies within local, state and federal government offices for the last twenty-five years. Best of all, they answer the phone, so you can talk to someone who shares your goals and understands how to help you see immediate benefits in today's office paper use milieu.

Give them a call at (203) 966-0661 and visit for more information or to learn more about reducing government expense and waste.

# # #

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Printer Sprawl

Printer sprawl happens when printers are acquired and installed piecemeal based on a current/tactical printing need. After a few years of printer sprawl, many different devices are on a network, each with their own drivers and unique consumables.

Some IT groups play printer whack-a-mole (unplugging devices as they pop-up), some simply make users happy by supporting the new devices and some IT groups are using (or are considering) Managed Print Services to help reduce printer sprawl.

But tackling the hardware is only part of the process - you need software as well to manage printing processes and improve document-based information delivery processes.

That's where AXIAR Green, Paper Saving Software, plays a vital role: giving IT personnel both metrics-collection tools as well as print management tools to reduce print resource use, justify printer allocation and reduce IT help desk calls.

If you are currently considering Managed Print Services, we encourage you to contact us as print environment Consultants. We will help you identify ways to right-size your printer fleet while improving your printing processes. Since we do not sell printers or copiers, we are focused on identifying wasteful printing processes and employing our paper saving software to reduce waste.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

CT/CBIA Sustainability Show in Hartford

This Wednesday, June 9th, we are exhibiting AXIAR Green, Paper Saving Software at the Connecticut Business & Industry (CBIA) Sustainability Conference being held at the Marriott Hartford Downtown. The Conference hours are 8:30-11:30 am on Wednesday.

CBIA’s 2010 Sustainability Conference

June 9, 2010 • 8:30–11:30 a.m.
Hartford Marriott Downtown Hotel, 200 Columbus Blvd., Hartford, CT

CBIA’s 2010 Sustainability Conference will showcase what companies from a variety of industries are doing internally and externally at the Green Business 2.0 level.

The half-day program will feature a presentation by Michael Ellis on current trends and predictions for the future. Ellis is a senior associate at GreenOrder, a national strategy and management consulting firm that helps companies gain competitive advantage through environmental innovation.

Friday, May 28, 2010

The Emerald Isle

Imagine flying over the country of Ireland and seeing it covered by office paper – the WHOLE Emerald Isle covered in white paper. Or looking down on the state of Florida and seeing over half of it covered by paper. That’s how much office paper is used every year (check my conservative math below). In two years we’ll have all of Florida covered…in ten years Texas, or France.

That’s a lot of paper.

AXIAR Green, Paper Saving Software, reduces the amount of paper your office consumes. You can make a difference by contacting us to learn more about saving paper by printing intelligently in your office. We’ve got experience saving paper and lots of ideas that can help any office save paper.

And if saving the Emerald Isle from a blanket of paper isn’t motivating you, we can save you a lot of money, too. Either way we’ll get you green.

*The Math:
IDC's 2009 Printer and MFP Forecasts estimated that the number of printed pages was 1.5 trillion pages in 2008…so let’s go ahead and cut that estimate down since we’re at 2010 and we’re not at the same employment levels, let’s assume 1.4 trillion sheets are consumed per year. Let’s be conservative and figure 8.5 inches by 11 inches is the size, giving us .65 square feet per sheet.
1.4 trillion, times .65 feet, converted to square miles is about 32,600 square miles. Ireland is about 32,500 square miles.


Friday, April 30, 2010

Will and Clout

"Ideas matter in New York. I am certain that more conversations in New York are about ideas than anywhere else. Not just vague theories, but ideas that New Yorkers have the will, and the clout, to do something about." Sir David Frost

We found this quote while developing marketing materials for an upcoming event (we're going to be talking to New York State CIOs/officials in Saratoga, NY, May 13). But certainly the concept applies well beyond New York: ideas matter, but you need the will and the clout to turn ideas into action.

Right now it's time for people to find the will and use their clout to cut costs and reduce waste no matter where they are. Certainly New York does not have a monopoly on turning good ideas into beneficial actions.

So if you've got the will and the clout to do something about reducing costs, talk to us about AXIAR Green, Paper Saving Software. Tell someone in government or at your business about the potential to save money with Paper Saving Software. Find the will, use your clout and find a way to make a difference. We have proven products, not vague theories, that are already helping commercial and government organizations throughout the world cut costs and reduce waste.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Make it Earth Year with Paper Saving Software

A one-day event like Earth Day is a great way to highlight an important subject, but I think most success in life comes from managing processes, not from a single event. Merely making an effort one day a year isn’t going to meaningfully impact too much (it’s a good start!), but changing behavior every day is going to make real differences. And changing behavior takes commitment and time. And it can be hard work.

However, with an application such as AXIAR Green, Paper Saving Software, the payoff over a year is quite significant in terms of cost savings and resource-use reduction (we see 30%+ savings in most of our successes). Much more than simply asking people to “think before you print”, AXIAR Green evidences waste and delivers a powerful set of tools to manage print processes without having to retrain users.

So how do we get the Paper Saving process started? Plan your work and work your plan:

-Pick a local group/department who is interested in reducing waste (act locally)
-Identify printing processes, devices and users with our assistance
-Track and quantify current printing volumes using AXIAR Green’s metrics collection tools
-Determine which processes can be modified with Paper Saving Software without negatively impacting your core business processes
-Implement Paper Saving Software features incrementally with user feedback encouraged
-Use AXIAR Green reporting tools monthly to graphically illustrate both cost and paper saving
-Expand Paper Saving Software use to new processes (think globally)
-Reduce paper use, device count and lost productivity/employee time tracking print jobs with AXIAR Green

AXIAR Green, Paper Saving Software, positively impacts printing processes every day, all year long. It not only raises awareness of printing waste by tracking use, but also delivers tools to reduce use. It is part of a process through which your organization can save money and demonstrate to stakeholders that you are committed to sustainable business practices.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Paper Saving Roll Call

As we are finishing off a great first quarter 2010 here at LBM Systems, I wanted to highlight a few fiscally responsible and environmentally accountable customers who are saving money and reducing resource waste with our software. We call it our "Paper Saving Roll Call":

- Orange County Department of Education (California)
- WESCO Distribution (Pennsylvania)
- Daiwa Securities (New York)
- Fidelity National Financial (Florida)
- Fisher Nut Company (California)
- TaylorMade-Adidas Golf (California)
- Luminex (Texas)
- United States Social Security Administration - Disability Determination Services (Washington DC)

Please feel free to contact me any time for detailed paper saving references. The question to you is: why isn't your company or government saving money and reducing resource use with AXIAR Green, Paper Saving Software?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Good Governments Save Paper

We expect our government to provide services and support to our communities for the lowest reasonable cost. Although there doesn’t seem to be a lot of positive news about government efficiency, I’ve got a something to note: many of our government customers are saving taxpayers lots of money with LBM’s Paper Saving Software.

At one department alone, our Paper Saving Software is saving the taxpayers of Ohio over $40k per year by automatically creating and distributing online batch reports that were previously printed. We’re saving Federal taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars per year at our dozens of Social Security Administration sites using our software to intelligently route and track print output to eliminate reprints and ensure print delivery, which eliminates lost print jobs.

We’ve got a lot of really smart and really conscientious government workers and managers using our Paper Saving Software to cut costs while maintaining services.

But I will admit I still think our government can do better: NOT ENOUGH of our government networks are using Paper Saving Software to save taxpayers lots of money. So the next time you see a government representative asking you, the taxpayers, for ideas on how to reduce costs, tell them to look at and join their colleagues in saving money without sacrificing services.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Are You Watching Your Waste Line?

Most of us working in office settings have some sort of a “number line” that drives our daily duties. Maybe it’s your sales for the month…the number of cases you’ve handled this week…the number of A/Rs you’ve closed…the number of widgets you’ve shipped. But here’s a number line that I think too many people ignore, yet we all contribute to it: our waste line.

I’m not writing about plumbing here, that’s another type of waste line. I’m writing about what an office consumes and then discards as waste. And some of the biggest contributors to this waste line are office paper and the resources consumed by printers and copiers.

Have you ever considered the real cost of not only producing, buying and then using that paper, but also the cost of removing it? According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, a typical office disposes of about 350 pounds of wastepaper per employee per year (source:, Greening Advisor: Reducing Paper Use). The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has identified office printing as one of three main areas in a typical company that has the greatest potential for reducing waste (source: EPA WasteWise: Where are the Biggest Cost Savings?) If we start by looking at your office paper recycling bins we can begin to address the need to improve the habits and inefficient processes that fill them up.

So how can you put your paper waste line on a diet? Like most diets, it’s pretty easy to start, but tougher to stick with it. You have probably already initiated some paper saving efforts (‘Think before you print’ signs and email footers…signs posted to remember to recycle office paper…asking people to remember to print two-sided…and so on). These are great, but (in my opinion) about as efficient as putting a note on the cookie jar asking if you’re SURE you want a cookie…the problem is the cookie is there waiting for you, and a note isn’t really going to foster better behaviors.

We believe paper saving software is one of the best ways to commit to a waste line reduction program. Paper saving software allows offices to change printing behaviors in incremental steps to allow users to reap the benefits of lower paper use without radically changing their focus on the “number lines” vital to their day-to-day activities. Paper saving software automates paper saving processes and removes the burden from the user to think about printing less. This saves money, saves time and reduces the amount of waste produced by your office. We have thousands of users throughout the world who are controlling their waste lines with our software.

How can you get started? Contact us to talk about your printing and copying habits and needs. We’ll analyze your printing requirements and assess how paper saving software can reduce your paper use. We’ll show you real dollar saving numbers and let you prove the viability of our software with our metrics collection and reporting system.

We make it really easy to start reducing your waste line - what is stopping you from starting?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Is Paper Saving Software Right (or Left)?

Regardless of where an idea started, I don't think it matters if a good idea comes from the "left" or the "right"; if it's a good idea it deserves to be heard.

If you only look at the extremes, the green/sustainable movement can appear anti-business/anti-consumption, while an extreme pro-business outlook can appear anti-environment. Both viewpoints, however, need the other to thrive. Business needs to sensibly apply green/sustainable practices to satisfy consumer demand for responsible corporate behavior and consumers need to reward good behavior with their purchasing dollars.

There is a lot of common ground, and I believe there are a lot of sensible people who see the value in sustainable business practices.

And this is where we see paper saving software playing a role: if you'd like to implement a green/sustainable initiative at your office that saves your company money and improves the speed of business-critical information delivery, paper saving software from LBM Systems is a great option. Paper saving software is pro-business (saves money and accelerates document workflows) and pro-environment (reduces waste and overconsumption).

We are saving paper at thousands of offices around the world and we can help you, too. You can learn more by reading the 'Green Paper' on this blog, watching the movies on this blog, going to or contact us any time.

The question I have for you is: can we meet on this common ground? If yes, then let's talk about your office paper use and figure out a way to save you money and reduce the waste you create...if no, well then let's talk anyway and you can tell me why paper saving software isn't a good idea. I appreciate hearing from sensible people with both supporting and opposing viewpoints.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

What does Paper Saving Software do?

Someone recently looked at this blog and told me they'd like to get a better idea of what we do. I think that's a great request, so here's my reply:

In brief, our software sits on a server and waits for a person or application (say, an invoice printing request, a pick ticket printing request or even a check printing run) to submit a print request. Our software accepts that print request, analyzes the characteristics of it (i.e. number of pages, number of copies etc.) and then applies paper saving features based on rules that are set up in our software. So, in general, people don't have to remember to make paper saving decisions when they hit 'print', our software enforces the paper saving rules automatically.

The features include:

Converting Print to PDF: AXIAR Green automatically creates and stores PDF documents for portable online document delivery and viewing. This is more useful for large batch print jobs, not necessarily PC-based PDF creation. Think of tax bills or utility bills created by government sites.

Automatic Enforcing of Draft Print Mode: Users can create an AXIAR Green virtual printer that automatically sets print quality to draft mode, reducing the amount of toner consumed by up to 30% with each print.

Printing Duplex (two-sided): AXIAR Green can be configured to automatically duplex print output, potentially reducing paper use by 50%.

Distributing Digital Documents: After using AXIAR Green to create digital output (typically PDF), AXIAR can also automatically distribute digital documents to employees, customers and vendors, which eliminates the cost and environmental impact of transporting paper documents.

Green Print Routing: AXIAR Green can be configured to intelligently determine the most cost-efficient printer based on resource use. This ensures that the environmental effect of printing is kept to a minimum when information must be paper-based.

Digital Forms: AXIAR Green enables laser form printing on blank paper, eliminating the need for pre-printed forms which are often reduced to scrap paper due to misalignment, form changes and damage to stored forms.

Reduce Personal Print: AXIAR Green can be used to encourage responsible use of print resources by tracking employee use. In addition, AXIAR Green can generate statistics for auditing and securing print streams through encryption to ensure the proper use of print resources.

There are many other features and benefits to using AXIAR Paper Saving Software. Please contact me any time, read the 'Green Paper' available on this blog and check out to learn more.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Less Mess in Texas

We’ve had a lot of success saving money for customers in Texas (both commercial and public sector) for over twenty years by using our software to reduce the amount of office paper waste created.

From Corpus Christi to Austin to El Paso to Dallas/Fort Worth and just about everywhere in between - if you’ve ever been to a John Deere dealership in Texas odds are you saw our software in action - we have customers using our paper saving software to save money, reduce waste and accelerate business-critical document processes.

But we have more to offer the Lone Star State: paper saving software from LBM Systems lowers the cost of government while delivering green/sustainable office benefits at the same time. We will be at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Austin on January 26 and 27 showing off our paper saving software at the 2010 Courts & Local Government Technology Conference. We’ve already implemented in many local government sites and several Texas State government departments. We have references, real solutions and a commonsense approach to green office printing. Using our paper saving software:

-Lowers toner spend
-Lowers power spend
-Lowers recycling/waste disposal costs
-Delivers tangible green office/sustainable office results
-Lowers the cost of government

If you want to help reduce the cost of government, please visit us in Austin, give us a call (800) 898-6434 or pass our website on to your local government representitives. Paper Saving Software reduces the amount of waste paper created and reduces the cost of government.