Friday, July 30, 2010

Free Office Paper Use Assessment

If you are interested in reducing the cost of government without sacrificing services, please send this information to your elected representatives.


New Canaan, Connecticut, July 29, 2010 - In their ongoing effort to help reduce waste and lower government spending without sacrificing services, LBM Systems is now offering a free Office Paper Use Assessment to qualified government organizations.

LBM Systems will work with Government purchasing and IT resources to:

1. Identify office paper use rates, associated costs, and paper overuse/abuse;

2. Track and measure office printing volumes; and

3. Identify areas of printing waste and/or printing/device overcapacity.

Based on the results of the Assessment, LBM then recommends both paper saving software steps and device optimization steps to reduce paper use, which delivers cost savings, green/sustainable office benefits and productivity improvements.

In a recently completed Assessment within a New York State government department in Albany, LBM's analysis identified 1) a significant overcapacity in printers, 2) no universally applied paper savings tactics, such as forced duplex printing or draft printing, or 3) any ability to prove compliance to any cost-cutting mandates being applied at the state level.

Unlike printer assessments that focus primarily on device/fleet optimization, an Office Paper Use Assessment targets printing processes and seeks to drive total paper use down by identifying and employing Paper Saving Software features to reduce print output. This delivers significant benefits in three areas:

1. Cost saving benefits (lower printer/copier costs, lower toner costs, lower paper costs, lower postage costs, lower electricity costs, lower waste removal/recycling costs);

2. Green/sustainable benefits (less paper consumed, less paper waste created, fewer print devices consuming electricity); and

3. Productivity benefits (lower IT expenses related to printer support, fewer helpdesk calls, fewer toner/printer maintenance calls, less time spent tracking lost print jobs, less time spent distributing printed output, etc.).

LBM's AXIAR Green, Paper Saving Software, is a product that reduces government paperwork and paper consumption without sacrificing services. LBM has been perfecting paper saving software and deploying paper savings strategies within local, state and federal government offices for the last twenty-five years. Best of all, they answer the phone, so you can talk to someone who shares your goals and understands how to help you see immediate benefits in today's office paper use milieu.

Give them a call at (203) 966-0661 and visit for more information or to learn more about reducing government expense and waste.

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Printer Sprawl

Printer sprawl happens when printers are acquired and installed piecemeal based on a current/tactical printing need. After a few years of printer sprawl, many different devices are on a network, each with their own drivers and unique consumables.

Some IT groups play printer whack-a-mole (unplugging devices as they pop-up), some simply make users happy by supporting the new devices and some IT groups are using (or are considering) Managed Print Services to help reduce printer sprawl.

But tackling the hardware is only part of the process - you need software as well to manage printing processes and improve document-based information delivery processes.

That's where AXIAR Green, Paper Saving Software, plays a vital role: giving IT personnel both metrics-collection tools as well as print management tools to reduce print resource use, justify printer allocation and reduce IT help desk calls.

If you are currently considering Managed Print Services, we encourage you to contact us as print environment Consultants. We will help you identify ways to right-size your printer fleet while improving your printing processes. Since we do not sell printers or copiers, we are focused on identifying wasteful printing processes and employing our paper saving software to reduce waste.