Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Simple Step from 'Printer-Ready' to 'Screen-Ready'

Pcl2Pdf software makes the transition from ‘printer-ready’ output to ‘screen-ready’ output simple for large, medium and small enterprise environments.

Many users know how to save an individual document into PDF for sending via email. However, many applications in use at large corporations and government facilities have business-critical print processes that are geared towards printed output only. The idea of converting these documents manually to PDF is not efficient; Pcl2Pdf is a product that can ‘intercept’ print-destined output, convert it to PDF, and with AXIAR Green’s output management capabilities, can automatically send the PDFs to computer/SmartPhone destinations.

The latest version of Pcl2Pdf includes many enhancements to better handle standard application output and more efficiently convert data from ‘printer-ready’ to ‘screen-ready’ presentation. Recipients of the PDFs can still print if they wish, of course.

For more information about Pcl2Pdf, please click here, contact us directly through or call 800-898-6434 – we have thousands of sites using Pcl2Pdf who save millions of pages of paper each year.

PCL2PDF version 6.9.6 improvements include:

*Implemented new “-TEMP” switch for user specified temporary file directory
*Implemented new “-PC” switch for print copies, “-PS” and “-PE” for print range start and end and “-PM” for print preferences
*Implemented “IBM DOS” style line and box drawing character support
*Implemented 24-bit RGB PCL colour support, in conjunction with AXIAR Imaging, with opacity and transparency and within macros
*Implemented new “-IFF” switch to supress blank page generation on form feed when no data on page
*Implemented Euro character in HP 9N and 13U symbol sets
*Implemented right and centre justified text printing using HP-GL/2 'LO' command
*Implemented “white text” printing
*Implemented PCL raster graphics “mode 5” adaptive compression
*Implemented various “bug” fixes and PCL code enhancements
*Improved PCL duplex paper handling support
*Improved PCL “offset registration” support, including for 90 degree rotated portrait pages
*Improved HP-GL/2 support
*Developed using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010