Monday, April 25, 2011

Corporate Green IT Survey

A recent article on shows some of the changes in attitude towards Green IT initiatives in corporate settings.

Article highlights:

"One in five companies now have a dedicated budget allocated for green IT initiatives, and 44 percent say they are moving toward doing so."

"37 percent of firms currently rate green IT as an "upper-half organizational priority."...Looking ahead, 54 percent are expected to view green IT as an upper-tier priority in 2013."

Our customers have already discovered how our paper saving software benefits both their bottom line and their 'waste line' at thousands of sites worldwide.

Where does your organization rate green IT initiatives? What if the green IT initiative had a verifiable ROI?

Whether you need to track and manage printer resources and printing behavior, convert batch output to PDF for digital distribution/storage or simply ensure that print job delivery is cost-efficient and verified, AXIAR Green, Paper Saving Software, will benefit your organization.