Monday, January 25, 2010

Is Paper Saving Software Right (or Left)?

Regardless of where an idea started, I don't think it matters if a good idea comes from the "left" or the "right"; if it's a good idea it deserves to be heard.

If you only look at the extremes, the green/sustainable movement can appear anti-business/anti-consumption, while an extreme pro-business outlook can appear anti-environment. Both viewpoints, however, need the other to thrive. Business needs to sensibly apply green/sustainable practices to satisfy consumer demand for responsible corporate behavior and consumers need to reward good behavior with their purchasing dollars.

There is a lot of common ground, and I believe there are a lot of sensible people who see the value in sustainable business practices.

And this is where we see paper saving software playing a role: if you'd like to implement a green/sustainable initiative at your office that saves your company money and improves the speed of business-critical information delivery, paper saving software from LBM Systems is a great option. Paper saving software is pro-business (saves money and accelerates document workflows) and pro-environment (reduces waste and overconsumption).

We are saving paper at thousands of offices around the world and we can help you, too. You can learn more by reading the 'Green Paper' on this blog, watching the movies on this blog, going to or contact us any time.

The question I have for you is: can we meet on this common ground? If yes, then let's talk about your office paper use and figure out a way to save you money and reduce the waste you create...if no, well then let's talk anyway and you can tell me why paper saving software isn't a good idea. I appreciate hearing from sensible people with both supporting and opposing viewpoints.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

What does Paper Saving Software do?

Someone recently looked at this blog and told me they'd like to get a better idea of what we do. I think that's a great request, so here's my reply:

In brief, our software sits on a server and waits for a person or application (say, an invoice printing request, a pick ticket printing request or even a check printing run) to submit a print request. Our software accepts that print request, analyzes the characteristics of it (i.e. number of pages, number of copies etc.) and then applies paper saving features based on rules that are set up in our software. So, in general, people don't have to remember to make paper saving decisions when they hit 'print', our software enforces the paper saving rules automatically.

The features include:

Converting Print to PDF: AXIAR Green automatically creates and stores PDF documents for portable online document delivery and viewing. This is more useful for large batch print jobs, not necessarily PC-based PDF creation. Think of tax bills or utility bills created by government sites.

Automatic Enforcing of Draft Print Mode: Users can create an AXIAR Green virtual printer that automatically sets print quality to draft mode, reducing the amount of toner consumed by up to 30% with each print.

Printing Duplex (two-sided): AXIAR Green can be configured to automatically duplex print output, potentially reducing paper use by 50%.

Distributing Digital Documents: After using AXIAR Green to create digital output (typically PDF), AXIAR can also automatically distribute digital documents to employees, customers and vendors, which eliminates the cost and environmental impact of transporting paper documents.

Green Print Routing: AXIAR Green can be configured to intelligently determine the most cost-efficient printer based on resource use. This ensures that the environmental effect of printing is kept to a minimum when information must be paper-based.

Digital Forms: AXIAR Green enables laser form printing on blank paper, eliminating the need for pre-printed forms which are often reduced to scrap paper due to misalignment, form changes and damage to stored forms.

Reduce Personal Print: AXIAR Green can be used to encourage responsible use of print resources by tracking employee use. In addition, AXIAR Green can generate statistics for auditing and securing print streams through encryption to ensure the proper use of print resources.

There are many other features and benefits to using AXIAR Paper Saving Software. Please contact me any time, read the 'Green Paper' available on this blog and check out to learn more.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Less Mess in Texas

We’ve had a lot of success saving money for customers in Texas (both commercial and public sector) for over twenty years by using our software to reduce the amount of office paper waste created.

From Corpus Christi to Austin to El Paso to Dallas/Fort Worth and just about everywhere in between - if you’ve ever been to a John Deere dealership in Texas odds are you saw our software in action - we have customers using our paper saving software to save money, reduce waste and accelerate business-critical document processes.

But we have more to offer the Lone Star State: paper saving software from LBM Systems lowers the cost of government while delivering green/sustainable office benefits at the same time. We will be at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Austin on January 26 and 27 showing off our paper saving software at the 2010 Courts & Local Government Technology Conference. We’ve already implemented in many local government sites and several Texas State government departments. We have references, real solutions and a commonsense approach to green office printing. Using our paper saving software:

-Lowers toner spend
-Lowers power spend
-Lowers recycling/waste disposal costs
-Delivers tangible green office/sustainable office results
-Lowers the cost of government

If you want to help reduce the cost of government, please visit us in Austin, give us a call (800) 898-6434 or pass our website on to your local government representitives. Paper Saving Software reduces the amount of waste paper created and reduces the cost of government.