Tuesday, February 14, 2012

AXIAR 7.0 Release Notes

Bethel, Connecticut - LBM Systems announces a new release of their AXIAR output management and paper saving software that reduces costs and accelerates document-based information delivery. Finance, purchasing and IT departments all benefit from employing AXIAR's output management and paper saving features to lower printing costs, reduce waste and streamline document-based information delivery.
AXIAR 7.0 runs on Windows 7, Windows 2008, 32-bit and 64-bit Windows, UNIX and Linux processors as well as iSeries servers. Customers have the option to employ best-of-breed server and operating system technology secure in the knowledge that LBM's software runs natively in their infrastructure. Highlights include:

  • PCL Text Extraction (including TrueType fonts): text extraction from PCL print data, including text printed with TrueType fonts. This powerful software can be used to extract text from PCL print jobs for indexing, reformatting, and archiving. IT personnel can use this software to extractand 'feed' data to document management, metrics and audit/compliance applications to ensure printed output is properly accounted for without requiring changes to the applications creating the PCL.       
  • Document Presentation Enhancements: Automatically convert data to 2-D barcodes (QR Code and PDF-417) to track documents and automatically provide marketing hooks to every document.
  • Mail Room Integration: AXIAR now supports Pitney-Bowes, Neopost and Plockmatic automated mailing systems. Configurable OMR/barcode options for insertions, envelope paths, automatic job diversion and more based on the content of the document data.
  • RDP Printer Access: AXIAR Deliver support for client connected printers in RDP sessions, enabling printers and print jobs to be automatically configured and registered.
  • Client-Connected Printer Support: Support for client-connected printers through AXIAR manager. Printers are automatically registered; print jobs are queued for delivery until client machine connects.
  • OCR Recognition: AXIAR Retrieve now has the ability to process batch documents using automated Optical Character Recognition technology.
  • Form Design Improvements: Wrapped data in variable fields (lines of data wrap to fit allotted space); moveable boxes and rules, so that form can 'expand' to fit the data; support for edge-to-edge printing.
  • Print Job Tracking Improvements: Improved messaging and error status reporting using email or Windows messages to report printer front panel status messages; built-in support for page counting and splitting directly printing PDF files; new algorithms and expanded support for text conversion in PCL with TrueType fonts.

Contact us any time to discuss Upgrade plans or to request additional features/functions that will help you improve your document printing and output management processes. 

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