Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Barcodes and Other Specialized Fonts

Documents or labels that are printed on specialized barcode printers create an extra burden on IT staff and incur a separate service cost for specialized printers.

Using any PCL laser printer, AXIAR can easily add virtually any barcode or font (such as UPC, Codabar, PostNet, MICR, etc.) to any document based on data-driven variables. This approach reduces the amount of printers/devices on your network, which decreases the amount of power/energy consumed as well as the amount of consumables required for barcode processes.

Without AXIAR, barcode printing is often a complicated and fragmented routine: each business unit that needs barcodes must purchase and implement a solution unique to its needs; this often requires extra steps to merge printed documents with barcodes which can lead to errors and costly reprints.

Some of the business processes that use barcodes and routinely require dedicated, isolated and costly print environments include:

·         Pick tickets and shipping documents (UPC, Code 39, Code 128, Codabar, etc.)
·         Bin tags and shelf labels (UPC, EAN, MSI/Plessey)
·         Accounts payable for checks (MICR - requires MICR toner)
·         Payroll for checks (MICR - requires MICR toner)
·         Mail rooms for bulk mailings (PostNet)
·         Inter-office document tracking (Code 39, Code 128, Codabar, etc.)
·         Event registration/scanning (PDF417/2-Dimensional)
·         Product labeling (UPC, EAN)

Now consider that all of the above processes can be addressed using AXIAR. IT staff can centrally manage barcode and font standards and ensure that the amount of hardware devices they are required to support are kept to a manageable minimum.

In addition, since AXIAR does not require cumbersome DIMMs or other hardware-resident components, documents that require barcodes can be sent to any network PCL printer. No more lost print jobs or delays waiting for dedicated printers to be fixed.

Contact us to learn more about how using AXIAR to create barcodes can accelerate your business-critical document processes and reduce IT help-desk calls.

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